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May 4, 2005

skip that snip

Future moms, rejoice: after decades of slicing, it seems that there may be a light at the end of the tunnel—or at least, a potentially smaller wound. Finally, the Journal of American Medical Association has come up with research reiterates what many have been saying for years...the routine episiotomy is "CLEARLY NOT NECESSARY."

Of course, the question is what constitutes "routine". There will still be cases where an emergency episiotomy is genuinely necessary....and cases of women whose cooches look like confetti after the birthing process. But tearing ass to elbow turns out to be a whole lot more likely after cutting rather than less. Of course, anyone who's tried ripping a piece of canvas (before and after cutting the edge) could have told us that. And that whole thing about a straight cut healing better than a jagged tear? Not true. So... does this also mean the end of the good ol' husband stitch?

by thenewmoms at 11:13 AM
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