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May 8, 2005

some RESPEKT on mother's day

A twisted Mother's Day message with a happy ending:

I often feel like Rodney Dangerfield (in a nursing bra) now that I'm a mom. Sometimes I wonder if the general populace devalues mothers just because we don't actually need that many new babies right now. In the old days procreation was a given... these days breeding is a "lifestyle choice". And a vain choice at that. Now that Britney's jumped on the bandwagon, motherhood's seeming more and more like just another cool thing to "get" (like a Louis Vuitton diaper bag). And, the fact is we do have to "get" (lay out serious sums of cash) when we have a kid. Children were once thought of as a resource, now they're a drain on the pocketbook, with no guarantee of return on the investment. We have very little support in terms of health and education. Our vanity projects cost a bundle. Sure, we may have someone around to book our room at the old age home, but we may not be able to pay the bill... even with the trickle of social security benefits paid by our kids' generation.

Now for the happy ending:

Moms may not get the respect they deserve, but new studies prove that they're quietly accruing skills along with the bills. Motherhood makes us smarter,more capable, more confident, and generally damn good to have around when the shit hits the fan. Tell that to the other 364 days of the year.

by ceridwen at 12:24 PM
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