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May 25, 2005

things I thought I needed (before I knew better)

I used to think this was the coolest high chair ever. And, in fact, it may be. But I'm damn glad that those hours spent scouring the internet and cursing the international shipping mess did not produce one of these groovy little gadgets in my home...because it now seems like a thoroughly bad idea. Lovely, for sure. But here's why it sucks:

1. it's too tall. how can you even reach your kids mouth from your seat, especially if you've got low-riding modern furniture?

2. pins and needles are not an appetite booster. who wants to dangle your feet at meals until you're four?

3. there are two camps in the world of baby feeding... high chairs and booster seats. We joined the second camp by necessity (must conserve every square inch of space in our NYC apartment). But now I'd recommend it to anyone, and here's why. Using a booster helped our kid understand from day one (or day 185, which was around when he started eating solids) that eating was a family affair. He was at the table with us from the get-go, start to finish. Yes, it's true that we had to cover our fine, hand-crafted walnut table with a far less fine piece of fluorescent pink vinyl. And while I can't say with any authority that his seating had anything to do with it, our kid, so far, has been eating up a storm with a minimum of food-based home decoration. (Of course, tonight may be the night he grinds his soup into the couch.) But in this house, meals are a social event, and I think putting your kid on a pedestal, even if it's an ultra-cool Jacobsen-egg inspired one, goes against that grain.

So, a word of thanks to the red tape I encountered a year and a half ago. I'm so glad we got this instead!

by rebecca at 9:53 AM
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