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May 11, 2005

you are what you hate

Sometimes it's instantaneous, vaporizing its unsuspecting victim like an A bomb...she succumbs immediately to the insurmountable force of schedules and structure, defending bedtime and forsaking all else. Then there are the ones who resist: pushing (strollers) blindly on, telling themselves that liberty lives just around the corner. They drag their kids out to parties, on to planes. But no matter how cool your gear, how laid-back your lifestyle, it's inevitable. It creeps up on you, or smacks you in the face: that ol' feeling... it ain't coming back.

You are the mom who rains on the spontaneous afternoon martini parade. You are the mom whose kid keeps everyone up on the red-eye. You are the mom who runs over a guy's foot with your stroller on the way to mommy-and-me. Maybe not now, but someday.

by thenewmoms at 12:32 PM
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