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June 5, 2005

nurse-in logistics Sheet

For anyone who is interested... I got some more info about the Nurse-In. This came to me via email.

OFFICIAL Nurse-In Logistic Sheet *
LOCATION & TIME 11:00 a.m. 67th and Columbus Ave, NYC - Outside of
ABC's Offices. Yes, there was some confusion about the location, but
this is where we'll be. We are aware that The View is taped
elsewhere, but we have decided to focus our efforts on this one
location. *

OFFICIAL Nurse-In Logistic Sheet *
LOCATION & TIME 11:00 a.m. 67th and Columbus Ave, NYC - Outside of
ABC's Offices. Yes, there was some confusion about the location, but
this is where we'll be. We are aware that The View is taped
elsewhere, but we have decided to focus our efforts on this one
location. *
GETTING THERE From Penn Station: Go downstairs in the subway and look
for a sign Number 1 (7th Ave - red subway line) UPTOWN Take the
subway up to Lincoln Center/66th St stop
From Grand Central: Take the Shuttle (S) to Times Square Take the
Number 1 (7th Ave - red subway line) UPTOWN Take it to the Lincoln
Center/66th St stop Walk one block North on Columbus Ave and you will
see us. *
PARKING There is street cleaning in that area on Monday Mornings from
8-9:30 AM. That means, there will be wide open parking if you can
arrive before 9. If you get a street parking space, it's free all
day. Otherwise, there are a few garages and a few metered spaces.
Please be aware and abide by all parking signs because you will get
ticketed if you're in violation. *
POLICE The police are completely aware that we are going to be there.
They have advised us that we do not need a permit for gathering
outside. We have been advised that there will most likely be a couple
of officers in the area to ensure our safety. *
MEDIA Please feel free to share any personal stories of NIP
discrimination that you yourself have faced. For technical questions
or anything that you feel uncomfortable or unprepared to answer,
please direct them speak to either Ashley Clark or Erika Ross (please
direct them to my husband at our van where he will call me on my cell
phone). We want to make sure that in any statements given, our facts
are correct. *
DADS AND CHILDREN Dads/Significant Others and all children
(regardless of nursing status) are more than welcome. We'd love to
have them come and show their support. *
BATHROOMS There are bathrooms available nearby in a Starbucks and a
Barnes and Nobles, as well as several other retail establishments. As
well, there is Lincoln Center, the Bible Society, the Mormon Center
and other quasi-public places. *
CHANGING STATION My husband is planning on being there early so he
can get a parking space right on the corner. We will have the back of
our van set up with a blanket and such so you can make a 'pit stop'
there if need be. He should be pretty easy to spot and once the word
gets around, we'll probably all keep him busy! *
SIGNS AND POSTERS We'd love to have you bring as many signs, posters
and pamphlets as you can. Signs, however, may not be attached to
wooden or metal poles (per NYPD). *
THOROUGHFARES We CANNOT block either street or pedestrian traffic,
nor can we block any kind of building entrances. We must yield right
of passage to everyone. As far as we know, chairs are allowed, but
cannot block traffic. Per NYPD, we may not sit on the sidewalks, but
there is a small park nearby that has some benches. *
MARCHING NO marching. That requires a permit and we do not have one.
No one will stop you from walking anywhere you personally want to; we
just cannot go as a group anywhere. *
AMPLIFIED SOUND This also requires a permit and none has been applied
for. Please do not bring anything that will cause the police to have
reason to disperse us for lack of proper permitting. *
SIGN-IN If you feel comfortable, we'd love to have you sign-in and
let us know you attended. Those sign-in sheets will be valuable to us
and will allow us to have a more accurate estimate of how many people
came out. Volunteers will be circulating and may ask you to sign. *
NAME TAGS Name tags will be provided. Please feel free to grab one
from a volunteer (or my husband at the van) so you can meet other
moms and know their names. *
T-SHIRTS Feel free to make your own t-shirts. Wear them with pride!
Please make sure they are appropriate to the situation though and
will reflect positively on our efforts. *
FLYERS We are working on flyers. If you have any of your own, please
bring them! * ADDRESSES You might want to bring slips of paper with
your contact info on them or your business cards to give out to other
women you meet. There should be lots of us there! *
WEATHER/RAIN DATE Forecast is for scattered thunderstorms, so please
bring rain gear and umbrellas. There is no rain date scheduled.
Please watch your local weather station for the most up to date
information regarding this. *
STROLLERS/SLINGS It's probably going to be very crowded, so if you do
bring a stroller, make sure that it is clearly marked as yours. I
would personally try to bring as little as possible; I'm planning to
carry a couple of diapers in my sling pocket along with my keys, ID,
cell phone and some money.
Why target ABC? ABC is the focus of this particular action because
they produce The View and are ultimately responsible for it. They
hired these women, they pay them and they continue to keep them on
air. Yes, we are extremely dismayed with the women on The View, the
adversarial position that they took against breastfeeding, especially
nursing in public and their lack of understanding of this subject. We
are, however, more upset with ABC for not correcting that ignorance
and insisting on truthful and accurate reporting. Since the women of
The View refuse to reign themselves in and rise to a level of
journalistic integrity that includes showing all sides to an issue,
not just the ones they happen to personally agree with, we are hoping
that ABC and its top executives will take notice and action so that
true and unbiased information is disseminated in forums such as The
View. We do not want to take a chance that the media will sway public
opinion in such a way that breastfeeding and nursing in public is
considered obscene or that breastfeeding or breastfeeding in public
discrimination would be considered "socially correct". A NOTE: Keep
in mind that we are gathering to demonstrate that breastfeeding is a
normal behavior. We have all experienced the merits of breastfeeding.
People will be watching us and learning from us. We are in a position
to let ABC and The View know that we are frustrated and hurt by their
misrepresentation of breastfeeding. We are coming out to show them,
as well as passers-by, how wrong they are, and how right and normal
nursing our children IS. Take every opportunity to show your
enthusiasm for what you know is right -- focus on what you want
people to learn and know. We want to set the example and educate
people about breastfeeding and what a positive experience it is. And
we want to let people know that we will stand up for this right of
all babies and women - to experience a successful breastfeeding
relationship, and to be supported and respected in that relationship.

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I'm putting on my nursing bra and heading into the city for the good cause.

comment by most def a new mom at June 6, 2005 8:59 AM

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