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June 29, 2005

the skankification of pregnancy

Ok, we get it. Pregnant chicks can be hot, too. I'm not saying bringing the belly out from under wraps isn't a good thing. I'm thrilled to the bejeezus about all the sexy high fashion preggo ensembles the expecting can now stuff themselves into. And I hate to deny anyone the right to exhibitionism.

But the idea that Britney, of all the possibilities, looks like she'll be carrying Demi's torch as pregs on parade in Vanity Fair is...(like everything Britney) kinda skanky. You just can't go from nasty Catholic schoolgirl to slutty space chick to trashy junk-food eating ashtray-dumping ho-bag and then expect people to buy you as a luminous icon of maternity. Or can you? Maybe I expect too much from America.

Here's the original Demi photo in miniature glory...the only reliable link I found that wasn't connected to some perv-fest was in Russian, so you'll have to add your own captions.

by rebecca at 10:20 PM
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