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July 20, 2005

mom-friendly movies

My husband and I watched a DVD for the first time since our baby was born a year ago. It was spectacular. Not just to lay back in the A/C and watch a movie but to watch the specific movie we chose to watch: CLOSER. I have no idea what anyone else thought of this movie. Was it discussed? Was it a hit? I must have been preoccupied with umbilical cord care when it came out last summer. I thought it was a horror movie, or some kind of thrill ride. But it's actually about immature, beautiful people fucking each other's husbands or girlfriends and setting each other up for emotional ruin. It was full of close-ups of Julia Roberts' brown eyes and Jude Law's bed hair. And though you'd think a new mom might find all of this immaturity and idiocy completely tedious, I loved every last moronic minute of it. The characters had no children, for starters. Their problems were blissfully narcissistic. Had this movie come out before I had kids, I’m sure I would have stormed out of the theater:“I can’t believe I just had to spend two hours with stupid, idiot people I hate!!!” But these days I can’t seem to get enough of narcissistic single characters. I saw the ending of “St Elmo’s Fire” a few weeks back and left my high school best friend a very long voicemail message about how truly genius the movie is and how right we were in 10th grade to have quoted it incessantly. Hollywood marketing departments take note: new parents don’t really want to watch some movie about family life! We want stupid, irresponsible, narcissistic characters with shallow, first-class problems, impossible apartments in glamorous cities and great clothes. Maybe it's time to Netflix "Less Then Zero."

by ceridwen at 9:49 AM
in baby


You moms should organize a group matinee to go see "The Blonde in the Thunderbird", Suzanne Somer's autobiographical broadway musical. The New York Times called it "A swan dive into narcissism"

comment by james at July 20, 2005 11:46 AM

It's all true. I've been alone and awaiting the return of wife and daughter and filling in many hours watching DVDs for the first time since birth 8 months ago. Any films with babies or children either fill me with anger and disgust at the coying talk or start me sobbing at the the awful things that befall them. From now on I'll stick to pure non-family stuff too, I reckon.

comment by Charles at July 22, 2005 7:51 AM

Charles hit the nail on the head for me...I can't even watch commercials for sad things about kids anymore. In fact, I can hardly watch sad movies anymore whatsoever. Or watch the news. Or read the newspaper. When horrible things happen to grown men, I think about their mothers. Sorta like its own kind of narcissism...

comment by rebecca at July 22, 2005 3:58 PM

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