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August 4, 2005

watching over you

When my husband and I put our son into an unofficial neighborhood daycare (with a very loving, take-charge neighborhood woman down the street who juggles the needs of 4-6 kids every day in a house crammed with plastic stoves and dinged up babydolls), I did a little research. Daycare is actually a good idea. Even for small babies (mine was 8 months when he started). In the book MOTHER NATURE, Sarah Hrdy looked at cultures where babies are literally raised by "a village" and they were just as happy, confident and intelligent as children rasied by one primary caregiver (i.e., the mother). This all made me feel better about the fact that my kid would be coming home with a fever every other month (which he has). Anyway recently I signed up to get daily "Google Alerts" linking me to all stories containing the word "DAYCARE." It's so depressing, I rarely have the stomach to read them... just one horror story after another. Day after day, the same horrific stuff. I guess not all villages are so great.

When this article came to my attention, it seemed comparatively optimistic. A daycare in San Fran has kids (and caretakers) on "Big Brother" style cameras all day so that moms and dads can watch the goings on from their computers at work. This certainly does ensure maximum security, but it's pretty sad. Is this another step in the Security Mom direction or a really cool idea to stop anxiety from ruling a parent's life? Will mom and dad get any work done when they can easily log in to find out who is bullying who in the sandbox?

by thenewmoms at 10:10 AM
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