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September 29, 2005

D'you think it will work with a dustbuster?

The hot new postpartum fat solution involves a vacuum and a wetsuit, according to british tabloid fodder. Actress Anna Friel used this contraption to get herself back to pre-pregnancy size (8). The machines work by increasing blood flow to the ab area (seems a bit questionable what with the whole blood already flowing out of the uterus situation, but what do we know.) Ms. Friel was loaned the machine to use in her home, which saved her the several thousand pounds (money) she would have had to spend to get similar results at a studio. That's size 8 British, in case you were wondering. No word on when we'll be seeing these money and fat sucking machines in this part of the world, but apparently, they're all the rage in the United Arab Emirates.

by thenewmoms at 1:30 PM
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