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September 19, 2005

tainted milk

Is it just us, or do all those fables we read as hippie children about man destroying the earth seem to be coming to fruition a lot sooner than everyone expected? First, there's the fish problem. Then, this terrifying Greenpeace report. This workshop dedicated to analyzing the toxins in human milk offers a bit of good news...

According to The Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, moms should not be scared off by chemicals in breast milk:

"We strongly emphasize that the mere presence of an environmental chemical in human milk does not indicate that a health risk exists for breast-fed infants...All information gathered to date supports the positive health value of breast-feeding for infants."

Still, it seems like by the time our kids are reading The Lorax, It's going to feel less like a warning and more like the truth.

by thenewmoms at 4:23 PM
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