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December 1, 2005

backlash cool or same old-school?

This week's Observer features an article by a super educated "in the know" pregnant writer describing her decision to bottle feed once her baby is born.

She's pretty articulate about her reasons, too...pretty much the usual ones: wants her body and time back, wants to get some sleep, thinks the whole thing's a little icky. But her justifications do tend to bristle with images of endlessly and hopelessly sacrificial breastfeeding women-- like we're all just masochistic sickos for playing along with all these pesky recommendations. Or pathetically desperate to be perfect moms. She does admit to rationalizing (albeit through the babydaddy).

Fact is that bottle-feeding by choice is not all that disturbing or rebellious. Yes, the more educated you are, the more likely you are to breastfeed, so this Yalie might feel like an anomaly. But most of America still bottlefeeds, using her exact reasoning: breastfeeding, besides being miraculously beneficial, possibly enjoyable, and aggressively encouraged, is also a serious pain in the ass.

We give her props for doing what she wants, and not being afraid to shout it. But we're always a little wary of pregnant proclamations...wonder if she'll feel the same way in 6 months??

by thenewmoms at 9:57 PM
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