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January 5, 2006

Attention Motion Picture Association of America

I propose a new movie rating for parents: "CD" for child death.
Or "G CD" for gruesome child death.

This thought comes after braving SYRIANA last night. After the CD scene, I found it very difficult to reconnect with the movie and it took huge emotional willpower to keep from sobbing. The image -- a child electrocuted in the pool while his mother is unable to dive into the charged waters -- sent me over the edge.

I know it's important not to shy away from "difficult" moments in art just because I'm a senstive parent. And I will try. I will. Syriana was an excellent film. But I did wonder if writer/director Stephan Gaghan had kids of his own, and whether the answer to that question has anything to do with the way he used such an explicit CD scene as a plot device. Would a parent filmmaker consider the child's death the focus of the movie, and not just a way to propel Matt Damon into a situation? Ah, who knows. But I might have appreciated some choice about whether to go through this particular kind of violence, especially on "date night". Maybe next time I'll opt for spraying bullets and serial killers.

by ceridwen at 10:45 AM
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