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January 16, 2006

No Fat Chicks

Another pregnancy scandal from the soap opera world: Kari Wurher, who built her career on MTV and Howard Stern, is suing ABC for firing her when she told them she was pregnant. The network counters the accusations with a truly low blow, saying she was fired because she wasn't sexy. The Times article on the subject refers to the Hunter Tylo vs. Melrose Place case a few years back, in which she was awarded 5 million dollars after the show axed her (post-pregnancy-announcement). They also list a few examples of movies/shows accomodating pregnant stars, with this reprimanding quote from a producer: "There are lots of ways to work with pregnant actresses. You just don't freak out and say, 'We can't deal with a woman who is pregnant.'" but without stating the obvious: Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, and Mariska Hartigay are all STARS. The choice to accomodate them was not about 'not freaking out' or being otherwise understanding. It was about not losing money.

by rebecca at 9:20 AM
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