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February 17, 2006

jungle juvies

Abandonment is never good for the psyche, but it's perhaps especially bad when the abandoned child weighs 10,000 pounds. A generation of elephants seem to be experiencing long-term damage from the poaching of their moms in the 1970s and 1980s. They've got "the equivalent of post-traumatic stress disorder, perhaps caused by being orphaned or witnessing the death of family members. Many herds lost their matriarch and had to make do with inexperienced "teenage mothers". Combined with a lack of older bulls, this appears to have created a generation of "teenage delinquent" elephants."

Now the angry teen elephants are stewing like Vincent Spano and Matt Dillon in a scene from "Over The Edge". Though instead of trolling suburban cul-de-sacs on skate boards, these vengeful JDs are thinking more along the lines of stampede. Seems like the cycle of violence crosses over to the animal kingdom, too. Is it that surprising that an animal who never forgets holds a bit of a grudge?

by ceridwen at 11:09 AM
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