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February 11, 2006

wipes... they're not just for baby butts

I know it's been said before: "baby products are great for mom, too!" But maybe not specifically regarding the flu. This last week I've been able to surf the waves of influenza with the help of my two year-old's medicine cabinet.

Here's what I've discovered:

Wiping your sore nose with Seventh Generation Wipes: WAY better than tissues.

Using Lansinoh Breast Cream for a red and scaly dry nose: Immediate relief!

Taking children's Advil cold medicine: gives a nice buzz without the full-on vibrating coma feeling. (The grape is not THAT bad, but...)

The cool mist humidifier we bought for our stuffed-up infant last year has been on steady blast next to my bed.

And if the cough keeps up I'm going to hit the Vicks Baby Rub.

by ceridwen at 10:38 AM
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