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March 6, 2006

an Oscar aside

Ok, now that we've gotten onto fashion, we can't resist the critique.

Big trends:

crotch gathers.
weird boobs.
split ends and flyaways.

First, we must give some post-partum props to Jennifer Garner for (almost) pulling her shit together for the event. It was nice to see someone looking exactly where they should be 3 months out of the gate–instead of the usual Hollywood hyper-shrunkenness.

We're so not on the same page with the press saying this was the fashion winner. Bisected boobs do not look good to us, no matter how lovely the woman attached to them. No. We say the standout was Michelle Williams, who took a huge risk with a crazy color and pulled it off stunningly. Screw those E! losers. Enough with the damn beige. Yes, the nude look is often flattering, but it's getting a bit...overexposed. And that flesh-colored protuberance looked a little like a pregnancy....and a little like advanced stage leprosy. We appreciated the idea of this 80's prom meets Metropolis look, but it was a little better in theory than in practice. Also, as a friend pointed out...though Felicity's looking flawless now (even in High Def) it might not be too long a leap from there to Dollywood. Where they really should start serving some fattier foods.

And what was with the frizz? Maybe it was just the improved resolution...

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