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May 27, 2006

the perks of work

Taking on work and a family may improve a woman's health according to a recent British study.

"Juggling a career along with being a wife or partner and parent may help to keep women healthy, scientists said on Monday.

After analyzing data from a study that tracked the health of Britons born in 1946, they found that women who had multiple roles were less likely than homemakers, single mothers or childless females to report poor health or to be obese in middle age."

This is certainly good news for working mothers. And it's not that surprising that varied roles and pursuits lead to a boost in health and happiness.

Of course stay-at-home, single and non-mothers do plenty of working and juggling. I wonder what factors are involved in the weight gain and poor health. Did the "homemakers" choose to stay home? (They were born in 1946 and lived through some pretty big changes in terms of what women are expected to do.) Did the working mothers have more education, money and resources--the kinds of things that go hand-in-hand with good food, good healthcare and good health? Was depression a factor?

I hope this doesn't add some fresh wood to the dying flames of the annoying mommy wars. It's really great to hear that the stress of work and family is not sending women to their graves! As for stay-at-home health, I want more info...

by ceridwen at 1:44 PM
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