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June 14, 2006

the gray lady talks titty

We've been so consumed with our book deadline that we almost missed the latest breastfeeding controversy. Seems like those scary commercials that have been talked about for ages are finally going to see the light of day. Talking about formula feeding's risks rather than breastfeeding's benefits makes people all kinds of anxious. The Times has a bunch of irritating quotes that beautifully illustrate the problem: A woman was told by her doctor that some women just can't make enough milk (not untrue, but rare enough it suggests that it may have been worth trying other solutions) and a somewhat sanctimonious Attachment Parent who hasn't spent a night away from her breastfeeding children in six years, except to have another one. Apparently this was the most emailed Times article of the week, and it's started a nasty debate on Gothamist too. If we weren't so damn tired from editing the breastfeeding chapter over here, we'd probably have something really important to say on the subject.

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