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October 12, 2006

project supermom

We're having an argument over here about whether or not Laura Bennett on Project Runway is an inspiration to mothers. I think the fact that she made it through the first trimester while under constant reality TV surveillance and pressure from Tim Gunn to make the plunging neckline work is pretty bad-ass. That and the fact that she's 42, has two degrees, was a single mom and now has five boys at home. Granted it's a HUGE home. And it looks like she has a huge amount of help. But, still: five kids! And she's like, yeah, we like the craziness. I think it's nice to see someone with a healthy water-off-a-duck's-back attitude towards all this stuff.

Rebecca, on the other hand, thinks she's got a mean streak. And that her Supermom complex is not all that helpful to more regular moms in more regular apartments with more regular eggs. Not that her accomplishments (reproductive and otherwise) are not impressive, but what's the point of being accomplished and well put together if you're not well-liked? Granted, this may all be in the edit. The show needs a bitch, after all.

by ceridwen at 2:07 PM
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