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October 15, 2006

pumping and dumping, per security

Being who we are, the recent ban on carry-on liquids immediately turned our minds to milk. An uncharacteristically un-annoying Modern Love column in today's Times confirms our suspicions: mothers are no longer able to travel with breast millk unless they are also traveling with babies (which would, as the column's writer pointed out, largely negate the need for traveling with bottles of breast milk). Pumping and transporting milk is a way of life for many working mothers, making it possible for them to keep nursing while fulfilling the travel responsibilities of their jobs. The writer wonders, as do we, whether this rule is an oversight or a calculated decision based on risk assessment. In any case, it looks like it just got a little bit harder for working mothers to juggle things. Thanks a lot, terrorists.

by rebecca at 8:40 PM
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