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November 15, 2006

rachel weisz is takin' the chill road

According to this reliable source,Rachel Weisz says that European women drink while pregnant and that it's "fine." (In England, "one to two units" a week have been declared acceptable for expectant moms). Nice to see a laid back celeb mom. If only Weisz' knowledge of fetal development was as rock solid as her performance in The Constant Gardener we could all imbibe with a little more confidence.

by ceridwen at 2:08 PM
in media momming | pregnancy


I have to agree that the odd drink is acceptable whilst pregnant. A mother of 3 very healthy children, I drank the odd glass of wine now and then. It's down to being responsible for your own body and whats growing inside you.
Now that the kids are a bit more independant, I can look forward to a few glasses on aFriday and Saturday!
You can't beat a good glass of red wine when you've been working hard all week.
Here's my latest kids environmental website,

comment by louise at December 8, 2006 3:52 PM

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