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May 31, 2007

mother stoned by youtube viewers

Not sure if you've had the pleasure of watching this hugely popular youtube clip of a toddler getting accidentally kicked into the air by a Times Square breakdancer. I have to issue a parental advisory that, despite hundreds of gleeful viewer comments, this is NOT an OMG LOL situation for the new mom. It's more of a WTF-is-wrong-with-these-viewers situation. The overwhelming response has been nothing shy of a public stoning of the mother.

She gets the following support from her community:

stupid ass woman who couldnt control her child.

fucked up for the baby, well yea, if you got parents like those all you can do is LOL, so fuck off


stupid mom. what were you doing?

what a b-tch of a mother to ignore her kid like that

Fuck the kid, fuck the parent.

damn i hate irresponsible parents like that woman... someone else should got that kick

accident my fucking ass! keep an eye on your child god dammit! beter still go to parenting class! see that what you get!!!!hahahahahahahaha

When I saw this video my first reaction was: wow what an amazing example of how quickly this kind of thing can happen. It was about three seconds in real time...you turn around to find a toy for your other crying kid, the stroller gets knocked over by a passer-by and your wallet hits the floor... I'll leave it to your imagination to think of more reasons why this could have happened. It happens to me all the time. We can't cage our toddlers 24/7. Things happen. But what explains this intense vitriol for the mother???

by ceridwen at 10:48 AM
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Clearly, the people leaving such nasty comments are NOT parents, probably just punk teenagers with nothing better to do. People with no real feelings and people with few brain cells.

comment by Loukia at May 31, 2007 1:38 PM

Misogyny--pure and simple--it's rampant.

comment by km at June 2, 2007 1:39 PM

I haven't seen that video -- but I know what it's like -- we were at the beach and a my son tripped, and then a large wave came up and knocked him down again -- I was standing 2 steps away -- but it still shocked me at how quickly it happened. Not long before I was letting him have more free space -- trying not to be a helicopter parent and let him play in the sand and run to the waves on his own ------ with parenting, it's often you're damed if you do....damed if you don't....until you finally just do your best & not worry about the rest of it.

comment by Marie T at June 3, 2007 1:45 AM

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